JS Boot Camp

From Interested To Proficient In Two Days

Presented By Chris Williams - Curator of JSConf and Producer of A Minute With Brendan and JSConf Live

Reston, Virginia - February 10th & 11th

JS is the scripting language that powers the web and increasingly it is becoming critical for many tasks outside of the browser. Unfortunately, many people, possibly you, are not yet proficient in this highly usable and very important programming language. Maybe you have dabbled with a JS library like jQuery or Prototype, but you now want to understand what is going on and why. Perhaps you program Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl or another language and making your application rich and interactive on the web has you befuddled. Perhaps you are program manager and you want your design and development teams to communicate better with one another Whatever the reason, now is the perfect time to learn JS properly and this is the class for you.

Once you learn proper JS, the world becomes a lot happier place as you create beautiful things both inside and outside the web browser. As part of this course you will become with proficient with JS as a true programming language including an indepth education on:

  • Basic JS Data Types
  • Variable Scoping And Why It Makes Learning JS Hard
  • Closures And What They Are
  • Tips For Debugging
  • Module Pattern And How It Helps With Global Scope
  • Everything You Need To Know About this
  • Survey Of Client Side JS Libraries And When To Use Each
  • Overview Of The Dark Side of JS Knowledge
  • JS Outside The Browser
  • Where To Go For Proper Documentation And Great Discussion

Quick Details

February 10th & February 11, 2011 9AM - 5PM
Near Infinity Training Center
1881 Campus Commons Drive #205
Reston, VA 20191
Taught By:
Chris Williams is the curator of JSConf US, creator of JSConf Live and A Minute With Brendan, and co-founder of OurParents. A Northern Virginia native, Chris launched the PromoteJS campaign to encourage better documentation for the JS community.
A light breakfast and proper lunch is included as part of the training session. Also liquid refreshments (soda, coffee, etc.) will be provided during the day.
Is this for me?
If you are wondering, then most likely the answer is yes. This class is designed for training people proper JS, if you believe that you already know JS, without the support of a library, then this might not be for you..

The class and the JS community you will become part of is very interactive and helpful. Come to the sessions with questions you have and they will be answered. Be sure to bring your laptop as we will be using JS to build and deploy a full stack JS application... Yes, I said a full stack JS application. Also plan on hanging around after class on February 10 for a getting-to-know-each-other session.

Continuing Education

As part of the boot camp, you get two days of awesome JS knowledge and education along with a full set of the slides to take home with you for review. Even better, you get a full list of resources that will help you after the boot camp in becoming a better JS programmer. Finally and best of all, you will have many moments during and after to ask the instructor, Chris Williams, your JS questions!

Also, you will walk away with an awesome and hard-to-come by Joyent no.de account and all the knowledge of how to use it. You will easily be the envy of all your friends, colleagues, and most of the development world.

Register Now

There are only 30 seats available for this training session and it will sell out. If you require more time for purchase due to various approval processes, please and we will be able to assist you. Tickets will be available for a special reduced rate of $800.00 only until December 31st and then will be the normal rate of $950.00.


Coming From Out-Of-Town?

Reston, VA is quite an amazing little suburb of Washington DC. It is relatively easily accessible from Washington Dulles International Airport and Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport, which are the two airports we recommend traveling through if you have to fly. As for accommodations, we recommend booking early at any of the local hotels. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to email our team - we are your hosts and we want to make it awesome.